About Us

About Us

We are Georgetown's premier elite youth soccer organization. GFC offers recreational and travel soccer programs for players from 4U through 19U. GFC's player retention rate is extremely high, and that's something for which we are proud. We are driven as an organization to develop passionate, disciplined, and hard-working global citizens. We have a mandate to develop socially conscious individuals who will model our core values in their everyday lives.


A huge part of being successful in soccer and in life is developing a winning approach of consistent habits for achieving goals. We emphasize to our players that becoming good at anything takes hard work and most importantly discipline.


Soccer is a team sport, and no team can achieve lasting success while just focusing on individual goals. 


Our club is not just a collection of teams, but we are a family unit supporting each other in our common goals.


As a non-profit we have an organizational mandate to improve our community. We also see our role not just as developing soccer talent but developing young people who will change their small towns, and eventually have an impact nationally and globally.


GFC Board of Directors

President Chris Calulot president@georgetownfc.com
Director of Coaching Khamisi Campbell DOC@georgetownfc.com
Vice-President (Select) Colleen Gordon vpselect@gmail.com
Vice-President (Recreational) Vacant vprec@georgetownfc.com
Treasurer Sandra Rudic treasurer@georgetownfc.com
Secretary Vacant secretary@georgetownfc.com
Referee Assignor Matthew Adams referee@georgetownfc.com